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Customer story

The tornado-proof roof

On Tuesday 3rd May 2011, the Auckland suburb of Albany experienced 'an extreme weather event'. A large tornado touched down at 3.15pm and slammed through a shopping mall before moving south leaving a 5km trail of destruction.

Weather Watch chief analyst Philip Duncan said that the speed of the winds in the tornado would have been between 160kmh and 200 km/h. The tornado claimed one life and seriously damaged close to 30 homes.

One of the houses directly in the tornado’s path was a 12-year-old home belonging to Sharon and Mike Tomoana. Sharon recounts the experience:

"Mike was at home and watched the twister coming towards our house. He said the noise was like the engine of a Jumbo jet – and he should know, he’s an Air New Zealand pilot. As it got closer, he could see sheets of iron and... Altro